Mohammad Mirzadeh, Full Stack Web Developer

I was born in Tehran in 1985. I studied secondary and high school in the Mofid educational complex and since 2001 I also studied at the Technical College of the Azadi Felestin in computer science (because of my interest in programming). I graduated from Shahid Shamsipour University in Tehran from the University of Science and Culture in software engineering. I have been working for short-term programming courses freelance freely. I started programming in Basic and Pascal at the Conservatory and I continued to work with visual basic, C#, C++, JAVA, Delphi, and finally I entered the web and web programming languages ​​from 2008 onwards. Since the year 2011, I have been establishing the company and the brand of Sanatech, and now I work at the my company.


php/mysql 88%

html5,css3,js,jQuery 97%

Foundation,bootstrap,nodejs,angularjs 88%

windows Server,linux 97%

codeIginter,Zend framwork,laravel,phpcake 88%

SocialMarketing, SEM, SEO 97%